Without such a unique community and support of the Sustainable Workspaces team we wouldn’t have grown from a small team of 4 to a strong one of 20 over the last 18 months.
— Peter Davies - Founder - Verv

Our Members

Our members range from 2 Co-Founders at pre-prototype through to 30< person teams at Series A, ready to scale. Here are a selection of our members and alumni:


Members Benefits



Flexible workshop spaces

Technical community knowledge

University resources access

Experiment on our buildings

Partner introductions for piloting


Work within like-minded community

Learn from more advanced teams

Range of events draws in talent

Location has world class amenities

Flexible desks for part-time staff


We have raised over £250m

We can invest up to £250k

We know which investors have funds

We know what they invest in

We can access public funding


Unique / central space for hosting

First customer introductions

Community sales knowledge

Partner channels for global scale ups

Specialist high level access events



Our Spaces

Which ever space our members are located in they have full access to all other facilities and our support actitivies.