Growing in only three years to become the biggest cluster of sustainable startups in Europe, span across two sites in central London, we offer a unique environment for creators and disruptors. With our core interests in sustainable solutions in ENERGY, BUILDINGS, TRANSPORT and FOOD we are proud to be involved in so many inspiring ventures.


Members Benefits


  • Flexible workshop spaces
  • Technical community knowledge
  • Access to university resources
  • Experiment on our buildings
  • Introduction to partners for piloting


  • We have raised over £250m
  • We can invest up to £250k
  • We have a network of investors
  • We know what they invest in
  • We can access public funding


  • Work within like-minded community
  • Learn from advanced teams
  • Range of events draws in talent
  • Local area has world class amenities
  • Flexible desks for part-time staff


  • Unique / central space for hosting
  • First customer introductions
  • Community sales knowledge
  • Partner channels for global scale ups
  • Specialist high level access events