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Sustainable Students: Food Innovation

END TO END - taking a holistic look at our food systems

Food is more than a necessity: it is one of life’s great pleasures, a cultural connector with deep traditions. It has an enormous impact on our lives in many other ways too - economically, socially and environmentally. 

In the developed world we rather take the abundance of food for granted, but a glance behind the scenes reveals that our complex and globalised food systems are topsy turvy, loaded with contradictions and absurdities. It’s a gloomy picture: a growing appetite for meat means that much of the land used for growing crops is dedicated to feeding animals that feed us, a far less calorie-efficient process. Our love of processed food in which palm oil is a near essential ingredient, directly causes the destruction of precious rainforests along with their delicate ecosystems. In spite of a vast over-production food, one in nine (nearly 1 billion) people on the planet are chronically undernourished while another third are overweight or obese. Meanwhile while we throw way about half of all food produced with the average family in the UK throwing away the equivalent of about £60 of food per month.

End to End will stimulate a discussion around the challenges and downfalls of our food systems, with 6 invited speakers sharing their experiences in how they have tried to challenge the status quo, from improving the lot of subsistence farmers through a new street food enterprise, to driving a trend towards alternative sources of protein, to prevention and better management of food waste.  Each speaker will reveal their insights and personal journeys in short presentations, followed by a Q&A session afterwards.

Gianpaolo Fusari - food services led by women as a way of addressing social challenges - breaking through obesity and poverty

Ento - feeding the world with alternative sources of protein - making it ok to eat the unthinkable

Bio bean - making good use of our coffee grinds

Snact - food surplus as business opportunity

Plan Zheroes - redistributing food waste

LEAP - turning food waste into resourc