Snact have now closed their Crowdfunder campaign, targeting £10,000 they overfunded raising £ 11,190 with over 300 supporters. With a strong foot in the sustainable industry, the funds will be used towards the production of their new banana snack bars.


Snact Co-Founder, Michael Minch explain all.

We think it's crazy that a third of all the food we produce globally is wasted. Every single day in the UK, we throw out 1.4 million edible bananas. When we do that, we’re not just wasting the fruit that’s in front of us. We waste all the energy and resources that were used to grow it and then transport it all the way over here. Getting a perfectly ripe banana to a shop shelf is pretty tricky business so loads of perfectly good ones end up being wasted for being too green, too brown, or too spotty.


This is where our delicious protest comes in - we want to save surplus bananas to turn them into tasty banana bars, packed with all the nutrition of flawless fruit. One bar will save one banana from going to waste, and will give you a wholesome, slow release energy boost.

Developing a new product and bringing it to the market is expensive, and making that product sustainable is even more ambitious. We apply sustainable solutions to every aspect of our enterprise: we rescue fruit in the UK, make our snacks locally, and use highly innovative home compostable packaging to reduce packaging waste too. And we want to show that these types of values are supported by the crowd!

We’re going to use the £11k to make our first run of bars, paying for:

-         Healthy ingredients (the nuts, seeds, oats & spices are not surplus

-         Surplus bananas,

-         Compostable packaging,

-         Manufacturing costs.