Sustainable Ventures is pleased to announce the launch of Sustainable Accelerator – the UK’s first sustainability accelerator fund.

Over the last five years Sustainable Ventures has performed well, developing a strong portfolio of businesses in the sustainability space. Our portfolio includes E-Car Club (the UK’s first crowdfunded exit), Powervault (a fast paced energy storage company who have won numerous awards and press attention), AutoTrip (a connected cars business well positioned for a Series A in late 2017), and more.

And we’re proud to have seen these companies grow side by side right here within the Sustainable Bridges – now one of UK’s largest sustainability clusters. We have always believed communities of innovative entrepreneurs, and the close-knit networks this fosters, are critical to success. We have seen this community partner with each other, trade meaningful introductions to corporates and board members, and provide fellow founders fresh strategies to overcome the unique hurdles we face in sustainability.

Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs are building ground-breaking sustainability technologies at pace, and monetising changes in resource economics. To us it is clear, now is the time to be actively supporting these new innovations and ideas.

Sustainable Accelerator is an extension of our original vision – to fund and nurture commercially sound sustainability companies – and is built to provide both the tangible and intangible resources startups need in their first few years.

We pair early stage funding of between £50k – £250k with our full year programme, designed to push our acceleratees to Series A readiness. This means we are much more invested and embedded than London’s typical accelerator or early stage investor.

Our one-year programme consists of (1) close mentorship, (2) growth services we’ve seen add real value, and (3) access to our network, built over years in the industry.


We have now launched on crowdfunding platform Seedrs, anchored by a £300k investment from the London Waste & Recycling Board, and £125k from our management team – to directly align our interests with every incoming crowd investor. Our goal will be to uncover, and closely support, the UK’s best low carbon technologies – and build on the progress we have made in the last five years with Sustainable Ventures.

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