Following their crowdfunding exit last year, E-Car continue to go from strength to strength and grow with Europcar, expanding the deployment of their EVs across the UK driving both Air Quality improvements and Economic Growth.


The expansion has built up over 2016, with deployments in:

In mid-August, E-Car launched a hub of brand new, electric BMW i3 hatchbacks as part of a joint scheme with The Royal Bank of Scotland. This has been popular amongst RBS workers and has helped to further Bristol’s environmentally friendly reputation.

In late August, E-Car deployed a new hub of Nissan LEAFs in the 100+ community of Priory View housing development in Central Bedfordshire. With the cars also available to the local community, these vehicles are already helping fulfil the mobility needs of residents and local businesses around Dunstable.


Future Plans:
E-Car also has big growth plans in the pipeline. Before the end of the year, a variety of new car hub locations are planned for multiple locations across Scotland and the Scottish isles.

The BMW i3s in the Bristol’s RBS office  

The BMW i3s in the Bristol’s RBS office


The growth of innovative business models such as E-Car’s are critical if the Mayor of London’s lofty aspiration to address Air Pollution are to take hold. With over 9,500 people dying per year in London alone due to exposure to Air Pollution the Mayor has taken policy action:

- The Air Quality Fund will help bring this plan of a greener London to life with £20m.
- A speeding up of introduction of the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to 2019 rather than 2020 with a £10 charge per polluting vehicle.


With its portfolio of cars across London, E-Car is ideally placed to work with the Mayor to help improve air quality through its 100% emission free vehicles.

Sustainable Bridges is proud to have E-Car as part of its community, leading the way in the UK’s cleantech scene and for the other low carbon vehicle start-ups growing at Sustainable Bridges, such as Thriev providing business innovation alongside public policy drivers.

You can follow E-Cars Club’s progression here: https://www.ecarclub.co.uk/