Business Green Innovator of the Year Peter Davies, has launched Verv; Green Running’s advanced home energy monitor, which is set on doing what smart meters can’t.

This is not like any other traditional energy monitor – Verv is a genius. Using a clever set of patented algorithms, Verv is able identify each electronic appliance by seeking out its unique energy signature. It can then break down exactly how much electricity the appliance is using and feed this back to the user in a real-time display.


From a toaster to a tumble dryer, Verv will tell the user the cost of using each appliance and make recommendations on how switching to eco appliances or changing their usage patterns could save them money.


Verv is able to tell the user whether their appliances are starting to deteriorate or are faulty and need serving or replacing. It can also act as a safety device by alerting users if they have left an appliance such as an iron or hair straighteners turned on, or if someone is active in their home when they are away.

The Verv hub can be used in homes with and without smart meters and is a self-install, so doesn’t require an electrician to set it up.


CEO Peter Davies: “Verv is ultimately trying to make peoples lives a bit easier in a fun and cool way. Educating people about their energy use could save them money, but the energy monitoring is almost secondary to the fact that we can also keep people safe and look after their homes”


Peter and the team behind Verv have been a key and long-term member of the Sustainable Bridges community, joining in the summer of 2015.

Starting off with around only 5 people when joining and now expanding to over 15, Peter and the team have excelled tremendously, being a prime example of the progress companies make whilst being in our community. Examples of this being that they received equity investment and project funding of £1 million from Centrica (750k) and Scottish Power Networks (250k).

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