Reed Paget of is the latest person to join our community recently, so we sat down with him to find out more his company, Limit Jeans Ltd.

Who Are Limit Jeans Ltd?

Reed: Limit Jeans Ltd. is a new green clothing company combined with an environmental campaign. Our first product is a highly sustainable line of denim jeans.


What’s makes you strand out compared to other denim jeans?

Reed: We have cut out all pesticides and fertilizers and save 6000 litres of water per pair. Plus, the jeans last twice as long as traditional denim.

What objective does Limit Jeans want to achieve?

Reed: Limit’s campaign is focused on the fact that the global economy is using far more natural resources than the earth can sustain; and unless we reduce our impact civilization is at risk of collapse. Limit’s response is a call to arms against unsustainable businesses which are leading us over a cliff.

Our goal is to use a high profile clothing brand to bring sustainable thinking to the high street and create a mainstream consumer revolt in favour of companies which are doing the right thing.

Limit has yet to launch but expects to later in 2017.