We’re delighted to have Richard and Natasha the founders of Vmoto UK join our community here at Sustainable Bridges.

In summer 2015, Vmoto UK introduced low-cost, zero-emissions electric scooters to the UK businesses and consumers. Fast forward a year and their electric scooters are
among 5 best-selling small electric motorcycles brands.


Richard Jordan

Richard Jordan

Natasha Terinova

Natasha Terinova


Vmoto scooters are affordable, completely emission free and they are starting to change lives and businesses in the UK. Italian design and German technology have combined to make Vmoto scooters some of the most stylish and efficient on the road today. Charging from any conventional 3-pin socket, Vmoto scooters are the very definition of convenience.

What makes Vmoto UK different? Well, firstly it’s the team with diverse backgrounds, hands-on approach and a vision of supporting their customers at every stage of deployment.

Secondly, it’s technology, which features:

  • Battery management system which means the customer can records the condition of the battery and motor in order to maximise efficiency

  • An on board smart charger

  • Removable batteries

  • A range of batteries enables you to customise to your requirements and budget.

We look forward to building their growth into the fast developing zero emission mobility cluster at Sustainable Bridges, supporting the Mayor of London to address Air Pollution in our great city.

Follow their story here: http://www.vmoto-uk.com