The world of fishing has been an exciting time for the SafetyNet guys over the past month, so we sat down with Founder/CEO, Dan Watson, to ask him a few questions about their recent successes.

SafetyNet team

Who does the team consist of?

Dan – CEO/Founder        Aran – Chief Engineer     Nadia Business Strategist.

You can find the full team here: SafetyNet Team


Hello tomorrow award

What was the award for?

Our Hello Tomorrow award fell under the category of Food & Agriculture, which looked at start-ups who:

-          Reduce the environmental impacts of food production, processing & distribution

-          Innovate food production to meet growing needs & habits (smart farming).

Our technology fits perfectly as it ensures fishermen catch only the right fish by fitting nets with rings of lights that emit certain wavelengths.  The wavelengths are determined according to what fish they would like to attract (or repel), which varies, reliably, species to species.

Along with the award, SafetyNet were also given a €15,000 prize.


Young’s Seafood.

What work did you do with Young’s Seafood?

We ran a trial with Young’s Seafood to test whether our technology could reduce the number of by-catch caught, helping fishermen land only the fish they want.

The trial only lasted a few days but the results were great as we managed to cut down the catch of juvenile fish 57%, which was a fantastic result.

You can read the full detail of the trial here: Young’s Seafood



Funding & Future projects

What are your plans for 2017?

We recently received funding which will help push forward our latest product/design, “Pisces”. This will be the new and improved version of fish net rings and will be launched at some point next year.

The new device is different as it tries to implement a different approach.  It will look more at both attraction and repulsion.


You can follow their story on here

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