The Behaviouralist has been working in partnership with Haringey Council, using their specialist behavioural science techniques as part of an experiment to boost Haringey’s council tax collection and reduce payment arrears. The project started in early 2016, with Dan White leading a team of 13 through an experiment lasting 72 days and impacting over 13,000 households.


Using behavioural change methods, they updated the standard collection letters. The two treatment letters drastically affected the way that the Haringey community responded.

The impact of these saw an increase of tax collection of £66,000 and £44,000 from the two treatments totalling over £111,000. In comparison to other London Boroughs, Haringey were among the lowest performers in regards to tax collection, so this work by The Behaviouralist has been truly transformative.

These results highlight the huge potential for The Behaviouralist to work with other Local Authorities across the UK and in other areas of payment arrears. Their behavioural change work is incredibly power and it can be applied across a vast range of other areas and sectors, with examples featuring on their website.