Founded in 2014, Dan White & The Behaviouralist team have done some terrific work since then, working with big household names implementing behaviour change through intervention.

Recently Dan and the team recently continued their marvellous work by successfully teaming up with Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic to influence pilots to use less fuel through behavioural interventions.

These interventions were aimed at improving Captains’ implementation three fuel-and carbon-efficient behaviours:

  1. Pre-flight Zero Fuel Weight adjustments for loaded weight,

  2. A range of in-flight Efficient Flight procedures

  3. Post-flight Reduced Engine Taxi-in to the gate

“These small-cost interventions can really have large ramifications for savings, not only for the airline, but for society,” Co-Founder Robert Metcalfe.

The data used in the project was of a huge volume (40,000 flights) and the outcome reported was amazing, with an extensive amount of fuel and CO2 saved. Virgin calculated fuels savings of approx 6,828 tonnes with Virgin stating that this cosponsored to savings of 3,309,489.

The Behaviouralist team consists of:

  • Co-founders Dan White, Dr. Rob Metcalfe & Prof. Robert Hahn,

  • Project Manager Heather Hodgins

  • Designer Martu Germinario & Exec Administrator Jayani Chakravarti

They’ve helped previous clients in several areas, including:

• Sustainability • Rent collection • Product and app design • Debt collection

You can read more about their great work they have done here

Full details on this project can be found here: Virgin Atlantic