On the 12th of February, the SafteyNet team consisting of Dan Watson, Kunal Nandi and Aran Dasan underwent a day of rigorous filming with the team from CNN’s Make, Create, Innovate. They showed the crew around their workspace in London Bridge, Miber Engineering in Peckham where some of their prototypes are made and shared footage from the September trials in Aberdeen. The documentary focuses on the Future of Food and SafetyNet features in the first half.

SafetyNet Technologies has been building sophisticated LED systems to enable experimentation into how light can segregate between ages and species of fish, and is applying that knowledge to create simple sets of lights to help fishermen catch the right fish. They work across the sector with fishermen, scientists, suppliers and regulators to create user-centred solutions to issues currently faced by the industry.

If you’re interested in what they’ve been up to over the last couple of years, you can watch it online as it’s a nice outline the SafetyNet story so far!