The Finance Innovation Lab are the latest venture to join Sustainable Bridges, having moved in mid December 2015.They build communities of innovators and advocates who are creating a better financial system and Communications Manager Nicky Johnston gave us a quick interview on what the Finance Innovation Lab are all about!

Hello! We’re the Finance Innovation Lab, but you can call us Anna, Chris and Nicky.

Why did you choose Sustainable Bridges?

We were looking for a place to call home. After trying out some hot desking spaces, we wanted dedicated desks surrounded by people who are passionate about missions aligned with ours. Sustainable Bridges has ticked all the boxes!


What is the Finance Innovation Lab?

The Lab is a catalyst for positive change in finance. Our vision is a financial system that is democratic, responsible and fair – one that works for people & planet. We do this by working with innovators creating new business models, civil society leaders calling for change, and people working in mainstream finance who want to repurpose their profession.

You can find out more about our strategy here.


What are you working on at the moment?

We’re promoting our 2016 Fellowship programme.

Finance Innovation Lab Fellowship is a six-month programme of business coaching, action learning and leadership development for financial innovators with a social or environmental purpose. The programme is free for start-ups and takes place from March to October 2016 in London. It includes monthly business strategy and peer coaching sessions, social events to connect you to our wider community, and a two-day residential leadership retreat.

If you know anyone who might be interested tell them to apply now! Applications close on the 26th of February.